Ebike Discount Campaign

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Ebike Discount Campaign

Ride and Drive Clean is a non-profit collaboration with a mission to reduce carbon emissions by helping consumers go electric. Ebikes are a fun and healthy way for you and your family to avoid driving a gas car.

Our Ebike discount campaign has concluded. The campaigns offer limited-time discounts on select Ebikes.

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Woman taking children to school on an Ebike

Save time, money, and the planet

Ebikes are at the center of a revolution in clean transportation. Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands or taking kids to school, Ebikes are a great way to get around without carbon or air pollution. Life is better on an Ebike!

An Ebike saves you money – no gas stations, parking fees or tolls. And, an Ebike will save you time – no more sitting in traffic or searching for a parking spot.

Safety for All

Ride and Drive Clean advocates for safe riding. With an Ebike you can avoid riding along major thoroughfares. You won’t mind taking side roads to get around heavily trafficked areas – the extra distance doesn’t matter much with an Ebike.

Riding an Ebike means following the rules of the road and the bike paths. Our Ebike webinars provide guidance on how to ride safely, avoiding major roads, and how to ride safely to protect all others on the roads or paths. If you are buying an Ebike for your teen, please make sure they understand the rules of the road that will keep them and all community members safe.

For more information on types of Ebikes and rebate programs, please visit our Ebike page.

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