EV Car Show on Zoom
…and e-bikes, too!

September 28, 6:30-8:00PM

EV Car Show on Zoom…and e-bikes too!

We all do things to help the environment. When we switch to driving electric or riding an e-bike, it’s a BIG action that improves air quality and cools the planet. And, once you make the switch, you’ll never go back.

Plug in. Enjoy. Feel good.

About the Event

Please join us for a virtual EV and E-bike show.. It’s free, it’s on Zoom and it’s action-packed!

The event will feature:

  • EV and e-bike experts and owners sharing their experiences, the latest trends, information on new vehicles and e-bikes, and considerations when switching to electric. They’ll also answer your questions in small-group breakout sessions.
  • Our interns have debunked common EV myths and they’ll be sharing their discoveries with you.
  • All attendees will receive priority placement for our EV Discount Campaigns.


Invite everyone you know. After you sign up, please share this link with friends and family via email, text, and social media.

Tuesday, September 28th, 6:30-8pm

Free. On Zoom. Open to all.

Calling all Electric Drivers and Riders

If you ride or drive electric, we know you love to talk about it. Here’s a chance (an excuse!) to EVangelize! Following the main presentation, join us by hosting a Zoom breakout room so attendees can hear your experiences and ask you questions.

If a question has you stumped, guests can return to the main room to ask an expert. We’ll provide you with some talking points.

For questions about hosting a room, please email us at info@rideanddriveclean.org to learn more.

Black woman celebrating
Latina women with an EV

EVs for Equity

We know that climate justice must equal racial justice. Tailpipe emissions negatively impact everyone, yet they disproportionately impact people of color.

Emissions-free transportation is here – and we’re here to help everyone learn how to save time, money, and the planet. Check out our web page with video testimonials of Bay Area EV drivers.

Join us on September 28th at 6:30PM!

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