How Fast Can Electric Vehicles Go?

Drive Clean Bay Area is proud to be an advocate for electric vehicles. Not only are they better for the environment and better for your time, they save you money too! As electric vehicles rise in popularity, it’s important to debunk many of the common misconceptions that have hindered their adoption.

One big misconception is that electric vehicles aren’t as fast or as quick as a gas-powered car. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The truth is that EVs can get you where you’re going much quicker than a gas-powered vehicle. EVs have pure torque, meaning they can accelerate more quickly and respond instantly compared to their gas counterparts.

With an EV, when you hit the pedal, you instantly move which allows for a great driving experience and improves safety. Once you test drive an EV, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the superior driving performance. There are a number of EVs that can reach 0 to 60 in less than 5 seconds.

EVs offer greater efficiency and less maintenance

EVs have fewer moving parts than gas vehicles. Not only does this reduce the amount of parts that can break or malfunction, but it also makes them more efficient. This allows EVs to get the most out of the energy expended, and makes EVs accelerate much faster than most gas-powered cars.

Further, EVs have no need for a traditional transmission system which reduces both the initial buying cost and the cost of maintaining and repairing your EV.

Electric Vehicle speeding

Current electric vehicle models perform as well or better than most conventional gas vehicles. EVs accelerate quicker, making them fun and safe to drive. Considering the many benefits of driving an EV, they remain an ideal option for any consumer. Learn more about switching to electric and plan your next purchase with our Vehicle Guide. For more information about Drive Clean Bay Area visit our website.

In addition to our Buying and Driving Guide, Drive Clean Bay Area offers regular events to keep you informed of the latest vehicles, innovations, and financial incentives. Drive Clean Bay Area has recently launched a new series of free events for first-time EV owners, that focuses on details of charging, and accessing your incentives, with plenty of time for questions.

Learn more by visiting our events page.

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Drive Clean Bay Area is a collaboration of nonprofit organizations, agencies, cities, schools, and businesses with a goal of greatly reducing carbon emissions by advancing the adoption of electric vehicles.

Through scaled community engagement programs, we inspire people to replace internal combustion vehicles with electric vehicles, e-bikes, and other forms of zero-carbon transportation. Drive Clean Bay Area launched in 2018.

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