Ebike: A fun and healthy way to get around

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Zero Emissions,
Tons of Fun

Electric vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, and one of the most versatile EVs is the Ebike! Using an Ebike to commute, for running errands, picking up groceries, and getting the kids to school can be a fun and healthy way to reduce your carbon footprint and improve air quality.

Woman riding a cargo Ebike carrying her 2 children

Ebike Benefits

Ebikes have almost no carbon footprint and can help you save time and money. On an Ebike you can avoid bridge tolls, parking fees, and traffic. When commuting, the electric battery keeps you from getting sweaty–unless you prefer to use just pedal power!! Using an Ebike for the first and last mile of transit means less stress–no need to worry about parking.

Ebike Basics

Ebikes are convenient and fun to ride. Unlike a moped or motorcycle, Ebikes work by supplementing your pedaling rather than replacing it. They use a battery and the power level can be adjusted to fit your needs–from low to high assistance, you get to choose if you’re looking for just a bit of extra power or enough to help you to climb steep hills with ease! If you’re looking for a workout, you can simply remove the pedal assistance to break a sweat.

E-bike components

All Ebikes can be charged by plugging the bike into a standard 110 outlet and most are fully charged after 4 hours. Even if you don’t have a garage with an outlet, you can lock your bike outside, remove your battery and easily charge inside your house.

You can also charge your Ebike while you’re out and about. Coffee shops, workplaces, and friends are often happy to let you plug in to their outlet. With an Ebike, there’s no range-anxiety–you always have pedal power!

Ebike Safety

With an Ebike you can avoid riding along major thoroughfares. You won’t mind taking side roads to get around heavily trafficked areas–the extra distance doesn’t matter much with an Ebike.

Buying an Ebike

Before you buy, you should consider how you’ll be using your Ebike and what features are most important to you. Ebikes come in a wide variety of styles and models, each with a different level of functionality. Urban Ebikes are sporty, fast, and lightweight, making them great for commuting and other daily uses. Cargo Ebikes tend to be heavier and more utility-focused with the ability to haul kids or groceries, making them a perfect option for family recreation and errands.

Woman with a bicycle

Ebike Rebate Programs

There are several Ebike rebate programs available for Bay Area residents. Under the Clean Cars For All program, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District offers a program for residents in disadvantaged communities to trade in an old gas car for a grant to buy a new Ebike. Qualifying cars must be 15 years or older. The grant is for $7,500 and will cover the purchase of one or more Ebikes and Ebike accessories, learn more. Additional local Ebike rebates are also available.

If you’re interested in purchasing an Ebike, contact your local bike shop or talk to a friend who has one to inquire about taking a test drive. After your ride, you won’t want to bike any other way!