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Welcome! Working together is essential to our collective goal to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.

To help promote our programs, we are providing our logo, downloadable images in different sizes for various marketing channels, and a video testimonial. We also offer suggested copy that you may use in your promotions and edit as needed. Thank you for your help in spreading the word about our campaign and programs.

We are continuously updating this page with new copy and graphics for our various events. Please visit this page for more images later this month and in the future.

Questions about usage? Contact us!

Ride and Drive Clean Logo

Click the button to download our Ride and Drive Clean logo. When you download the zip file, there will be variations in both blue and white. Each color variation has a Small, Medium and Large (high resolution) version.

Promote EV101: Electrify Your Ride

The image below is intended for promotion of Ride and Drive Clean’s ongoing, weekly Zoom webinars. It is available to download in a variety of social media formats and are intended to be used with the suggested social media copy.

EV charging

Please click the download button above to download this image. There are 5 sizes included for all Social Media channels: Facebook (FB), Instagram (IG), LinkedIn (LI), Nextdoor (ND) and Twitter (TW). For newsletters, please use the Facebook or Nextdoor image size.

Suggested copy

This copy is suggested for sharing in newsletters and on social media to help promote Ride and Drive Clean’s webinars. Please use these example posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Nextdoor, and other platforms. The text can be copied from below and pasted into your post or document.

For a newsletter or email:

Did you know that you can cut your carbon footprint in half when you switch to driving electric? Sign up for a Ride and Drive Clean webinar Electrify Your Ride to learn EV basics like charging at home and on the road, incentives, and total cost of ownership. You’ll have the chance to ask the questions you’ve always wondered about EVs.

For social media:

Electrify Your Ride! Ready to switch to a cleaner ride? Driving an electric vehicle (EV) and plugging into clean energy helps you cut your carbon footprint in half. Join Ride and Drive Clean for a Zoom webinar to learn about EVs!


You can share this video on social media to promote the Ride and Drive Clean campaign:

This video can also be found on the Ride and Drive Clean YouTube page or by copying the link below and embeding it in your post.

(Video link: https://youtu.be/DXK4RMgDKUQ)