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Our nonprofit collaboration is here to help you make your next car an EV or Ebike.

Gas cars are more than 30% of your personal carbon footprint and electrifying your ride is the most important action you can take.

Our nonprofit is a trusted source for the latest information on vehicles and bikes. Charging at home, at work, and on the road? Live in an apartment or condo? Interested to hear about cost savings and incentives? We’ve got you covered.

EVs and Ebikes offer exciting new ways to get around. Fun and quiet. But that’s not why we do our work. We do our work to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions for our kids and grandkids, for the planet.

Our programs are free, the benefits are priceless!

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When you drive or ride electric, you’ll be clearing the skies and cooling the planet. You’ll be creating a healthy future for all, especially people in underserved communities who live near freeways and refineries.
“Such a wonderful car!”

EVs for Everyone

EV Charger

Goodbye gas, hello clean

Enjoy driving and riding with clean energy at home, at work, and on the road. Clean, renewable energy is now available everywhere in the U.S.
Electric Vehicles

EVs for everyone

Today’s EVs go far, charge fast and cost much less than just a few years ago. There are new charging solutions for those in apartments and condos.
Our Planet, Earth

Save the planet

Now is the time. Driving is at least 33% of your carbon footprint and a major cause of air pollution. Driving and riding on clean energy, this we all can do.
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We’ve done the work so you don’t have to. Our buying and driving guides will provide answers to your questions. We’ll walk you through saving money through federal, state and/or local incentives. We’ll help you find the best solutions for powering your car with clean energy. and learning to charge with our 5-Step Guide. Our buyers checklist removes the guesswork. The guides were written by our team of EV experts to provide you with reliable information.

What we’re saying…

on our blog:

2023 Incentives for Electric Vehicles

2023 Incentives for Electric Vehicles

The new year brings many things, like a fresh start, resolutions to make positive changes in your life, and, this year, revamped incentives for buying electric vehicles (EVs). Incentives for EVs are commonly tax credits that benefit individuals who purchase an EV by reducing the taxes they owe.

Check out our blog for more in-depth information on going electric.

on social media:

It's simple: let's stop burning coal, oil, and gas, and replace them with climate-friendly energy sources such as solar and wind. Will policymakers act to meet the climate and environmental challenges? Will voters reject the deniers and embrace the doers?

This is correct: "Based on what we know about emissions and automobile engineering, EVs are the better choice for millions of people right now.'

Thanks, @MJ_Coren for this thoughtful piece!

"I used to drive a Mercedes-Benz SUV, and I went to go fill up my gas tank, and it was over $4 for premium gas. So I went the very next day, and I traded it in for an electric vehicle."

More anecdotes like this, please!


June 7, 5pm: This free 60-minute workshop covers available electric vehicles, charging at home and on the road, incentives, and total ownership cost. Plus, hear what EV owners love most about driving electric. Includes Q&A.

The data in this study is compelling. The conclusions are conjecture. But in any case, discussing and analyzing driving habits and real-world usage is valuable.

"Toyota has been perfecting battery-powered vehicles since the late 1990s, and unveiled its first mass-market EV in 2022. Its title? The bZ4X. Honda Motor Co. announced that its second EV will be known as the e:Ny1, a gamble on the appeal of a colon."


This, from Bloomberg:

"For tech workers who want to put their skills to use outside their traditional fields, climate companies are hiring across the board."


We're looking forward to things like this:

"The funds will support installation of 30 DC fast chargers and 8 Level 2 chargers in Northern and Central California, expanding EV infrastructure access to rural, low-income, and disadvantaged communities."


"The goal for this holiday is to encourage riders everywhere to celebrate the many benefits of eBiking and opt into electric transportation."
Read the story for more about why eBiking is amazing. As we say, it's our favorite form of electric transport!

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