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Our nonprofit collaboration is here to help you make your next car an EV or Ebike.

Gas cars are more than 30% of your personal carbon footprint and electrifying your ride is the most important action you can take.

We are a trusted source for the latest information on vehicles and bikes. Charging at home, at work, and on the road? Live in an apartment or condo? Interested to hear about cost savings and incentives? We’ve got you covered.

EVs and Ebikes offer exciting new ways to get around. Fun and quiet. But that’s not why we do our work. We do our work to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions for our kids and grandkids, for the planet.

Our programs are free, the benefits are priceless!

Plug in. Feel good.

Plug in. 
Feel good.

When you drive or ride electric, you’ll be clearing the skies and cooling the planet. You’ll be creating a healthy future for all, especially people in underserved communities who live near freeways and refineries.

“I love driving electric!”

EVs for Everyone

EV Charger

Goodbye gas, hello clean

Enjoy driving and riding with clean energy at home, at work, and on the road. Clean, renewable energy is now available everywhere in the U.S.
Electric Vehicles

EVs for everyone

Today’s EVs go far, charge fast and cost much less than just a few years ago. There are new charging solutions for those in apartments and condos.
Our Planet, Earth

Save the planet

Now is the time. Driving is at least 33% of your carbon footprint and a major cause of air pollution. Driving and riding on clean energy, this we all can do.
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Our best guides, ever!

We’ve done the work so you don’t have to. Our buying and driving guides will provide answers to your questions. We’ll walk you through saving money through federal, state and/or local incentives. We’ll help you find the best solutions for powering your car with clean energy. and learning to charge with our 5-Step Guide. Our buyers checklist removes the guesswork. The guides were written by our team of EV experts to provide you with reliable information.

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New Year, New EVs

New Year, New EVs

As we enter the new year, the EV market continues to expand with a fresh new line up of electric vehicles on the horizon.

Check out our blog for more in-depth information on going electric.

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A friend down under writes: "Ford is offering an electronic control device that enables the car’s battery pack to power your home during a blackout. It should be capable of powering a house at any time." http://ow.ly/ufWG50Jcu94

"It’s ridiculous and I’m so glad I don’t have to go to the gas station anymore," said Rahkee, who's been driving a Tesla since 2019...

"When consumers believe it or perceive it to be true, they're going to modify their behavior around what kind of vehicles they buy."

In 2022, EV registrations have shot up 60% even as the overall market was down 18%. With great EV sales comes great charging station responsibility, and figuring out how to offer public charging is an ongoing concern

Rad Power Bikes is celebrating National Bike Month with a nearly sitewide sale. You'll be able to save $100 on almost all of the brand’s electric bikes through the end of the month.

Japan's automakers are accelerating their EV production in an attempt to recover ground lost to Tesla Inc, now the leader in the fastest growing segment of the auto industry.


Learn about EVs FREE and FAST! May 11, 4pm. We’ll review available electric vehicles, charging at home and on the road, incentives, total cost of ownership, and hear from EV owners what they love most about driving electric. http://ow.ly/5kWu50J4zC2

It's great that transportation electrification is on the CPUC agenda. Announcing "a three-year pilot program" is essentially good news. But is it good enough?

"EVs could become the largest, distributed energy storage facility deployed. Together, they could supply more electric power than all conventional power plants combined." Yes - reliable grid energy, courtesy of EVs.

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