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Our nonprofit collaboration is here to help you make your next car an EV or Ebike.

Gas cars are more than 30% of your personal carbon footprint and electrifying your ride is the most important action you can take.

Our nonprofit is a trusted source for the latest information on vehicles and bikes. Charging at home, at work, and on the road? Live in an apartment or condo? Interested to hear about cost savings and incentives? We’ve got you covered.

EVs and Ebikes offer exciting new ways to get around. Fun and quiet. But that’s not why we do our work. We do our work to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions for our kids and grandkids, for the planet.

Our programs are free, the benefits are priceless!

Plug in. Feel good.

When you drive or ride electric, you’ll be clearing the skies and cooling the planet. You’ll be creating a healthy future for all, especially people in underserved communities who live near freeways and refineries.
“Such a wonderful car!”

EVs for Everyone

EV Charger

Goodbye gas, hello clean

Enjoy driving and riding with clean energy at home, at work, and on the road. Clean, renewable energy is now available everywhere in the U.S.
Electric Vehicles

EVs for everyone

Today’s EVs go far, charge fast and cost much less than just a few years ago. There are new charging solutions for those in apartments and condos.
Our Planet, Earth

Save the planet

Now is the time. Driving is at least 33% of your carbon footprint and a major cause of air pollution. Driving and riding on clean energy, this we all can do.
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Our best guides, ever!

We’ve done the work so you don’t have to. Our buying and driving guides will provide answers to your questions. We’ll walk you through saving money through federal, state and/or local incentives. We’ll help you find the best solutions for powering your car with clean energy. and learning to charge with our 5-Step Guide. Our buyers checklist removes the guesswork. The guides were written by our team of EV experts to provide you with reliable information.

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2023 Incentives for Electric Vehicles

2023 Incentives for Electric Vehicles

The new year brings many things, like a fresh start, resolutions to make positive changes in your life, and, this year, revamped incentives for buying electric vehicles (EVs). Incentives for EVs are commonly tax credits that benefit individuals who purchase an EV by reducing the taxes they owe.

Check out our blog for more in-depth information on going electric.

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Think you can’t afford an EV? Learn about financial assistance programs for income-qualifying residents like Clean Cars for All, the Federal Tax Credit, and San Francisco Bay Area county-specific programs.
Presented in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Kudos to @CalMatters and @n_llopez for constructing a helpful picture of EV owners in CA, cross-referencing data from the Energy Commission with zip codes. It's clear: we have a lot of work to do to ensure that EVs are within reach of everyone.

An EV can be your best option for back-up power. TODAY at 7pm, learn how EVs can power up all things electric, from your cell phone to your whole home, and be a battery on wheels when you're on the road. Sponsored by City of Palo Alto Utilities.

We're agnostic about what EV you drive. That said, we couldn't help but nod our heads as we read this opinion by @EzraDyer of @CARandDRIVER.

An EV can be your best option for back-up power. Join experts to learn how EVs can power up all things electric, from your cell phone to your whole home, and be a battery on wheels when you're on the road. Sponsored by City of Palo Alto Utilities.

From The Detroit Bureau: "That study [about EV charger reliability in the Bay Area] from UC Berkeley [and Cool the Earth] gives us an idea just how serious it is. And there’ve been other studies that seem to suggest the problem may be getting worse."

Virtually every reputable analysis of electric demand reaches this conclusion: Yes, the grid can handle EV charging, even when demand spikes.

"Engaging civically will look different for different people." This message from Heidi A. Roop, PhD, author of The Climate Action Handbook, is critical. As Dr. Roop reminds us, "Every action matters."

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