Charging at Apartments and Condos

Switch to Driving Electric and Charge at Home

Take advantage of the charging options available at your property. You’ll save time, money, and improve local air quality when you go electric.

Are you a property owner or manager looking to bring EV charging to your tenants?

EV Chargers in garage

Save Time

  • Conveniently plug-in at your condo charger or home outlet
  • Drive in the fast lane with an HOV sticker
  • Enjoy lower vehicle maintenance
Save Money

Save Money

  • Save up to $10,250 with incentives on a new EV
  • Save more with grants and rebates if your income qualifies
  • Charge your EV for a fraction of the cost of gasoline
  • Enjoy a lower total cost of vehicle ownership
Save the planet

Save the Planet

  • Cut your individual carbon footprint in half
  • Improve local air quality for yourself and others
  • EVs are better for the planet
Apartment Housing

I plug in when I get home. It’s set to start charging at midnight. Every morning my “tank is full”. The bonus is never going to the gas station or to the dealer’s for maintenance.

Carol W.

Walnut Creek

Don’t have charging at home?

Drive electric with alternative charging solutions.

Even without charging at your apartment or condo, you can still go electric.

Here’s How:

  • Charge at work when possible and take advantage of plentiful renewable energy during the day
  • Charge on a standard 120V outlet if available for an easy, low-cost solution
  • New smart outlets offer an inexpensive solution to charging that also handles billing
A row of EV chargers
  • Advocate for charging! Let your property manager know the future is electric!
  • Use public fast chargers near home or work. Most EVs charge from 10% to 80% in 30 minutes or less.
  • Check out EVmatch for peer to peer charging solutions
  • Smart splitters let you safely share a 240V outlet with your dryer

Interested in improving your property value?

Install EV charging stations for your tenants
Benefits to bringing on-site charging to your property:

  • Attract and retain tenants as the EV market grows
  • Lead in sustainable practices when you prepare for the future mass adoption of EVs
  • Take advantage of government and utility incentives while they’re still around
  • Recover all ongoing costs from users and even have the potential to earn extra revenue

My condominium association approved EV chargers in our carports and solar on our roofs and they’ve both taken off. EV owners are pleased at the convenience. And everyone notes the improvement in property values.

Bruce B.


Bring EV 101 to your tenants to help them transition to driving electric. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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