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Ride and Drive Clean

Educating drivers to go electric

We Know Drivers

They are curious about switching to electric and have questions — lots of them. What electric vehicle is available? Where can I charge and how long will it take? What incentives do I qualify for and how can I access them? How can I charge if I live in an apartment or condo? Are EVs really better for the environment? Is the grid ready? What about power outages? Just what is a kW, anyway?

America is investing in clean transportation like never before. Drivers need expert guidance from a trusted source. That’s where Ride and Drive Clean comes in.

Our nonprofit collaboration designs programs to help consumers change from pump to plug.

We are outcomes-driven and pave the way from interest in going electric to hitting the road. 86% of program participants report back that we influenced their decision to go electric.

Whether you’re looking to educate your employees, residents, members or ratepayers, we have the programming for you. We offer off-the-shelf programs and custom solutions including white label website and programs. To learn more, contact us at [email protected].

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Utilities and CCAs

Educate ratepayers on grid-friendly practices


Employee engagement programs to help meet company ESG goals

Chargepoint Operators

Engage drivers to ensure smooth charging experience

Cities and Agencies

Programs to educate residents and meet climate action plan goals.


Engage members to meet carbon-reduction goals

Solutions At A Glance

Our programs are modular in design, providing ready-to-go, scalable and cost-effective.


Full-service website, pre- and post-surveys, pledge programs, live chat, and Q&A with EV experts. We provide a comprehensive executive report to track impact.

Comprehensive Website

Robust website offers a comprehensive list of available and coming EVs, 5-Steps to Driving Electric, deep-dive guides, information on incentives, blog and FAQ, a calendar of events and video content of drivers with their cars. The site has a dedicated “EVs for Equity” section.

EV Basics

Introductory webinar features EV essentials, showcasing a variety of EVs and covering total cost of ownership. We detail how to charge at home and on the road and break down federal and state incentives. We also review charging with clean, affordable energy.

New EV Driver Workshop

Advanced webinar helps new EV drivers smoothly transition to their new ride. We review grid-friendly charging: at home, at work, on the road, and even during a power shutdown. We educate on grid-friendly charging behaviors. And we’ll review how they can claim incentives.

How to Save Money with an EV

Bilingual (English/Spanish) program covers some EV Basics and showcases the most affordable EVs on the market, including used EVs. We decipher incentives, including those for income qualifying consumers. We break down the total cost of ownership including lower maintenance and the lower cost of fueling an EV.

EV Charging Solutions for Apartments and Condos

Charging solutions for people who don’t have access to charging at home. Includes EV Basics and highlights a variety of options for charging at multi-family, including workplace and public.

Virtual Ride and Drives

Event in which attendees can see vehicle options in one place and talk with the owners rather than hearing a sales pitch from a car dealer. EV owners host breakout rooms featuring their models and share their experience going electric. It’s a great opportunity to compare models and ask questions and one of our most popular events.

EV and Ebike Discount Campaigns (CA only)

Limited-time campaigns offering a discount on select EVs and Ebikes. Stacks with all other federal and state incentives.

For more information, please contact Annika Osborn at [email protected].