Quick Start Guide

Electric Vehicle Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the world of driving electric! With your EV, you’ll save time, money, and the planet.

Rebates and Incentives

Save up to $10,250 with standard rebates and up to $13,750 if your income qualifies.
Use this Savings Calculator to find your personalized incentives.
  • California Clean Vehicle Rebate – income limits apply
  • Federal Tax Credit for Electric Vehicles – available for purchased/financed cars and claimed when you file your taxes (must have tax liability). Not available for Chevy Bolt or Tesla
  • Clean Air Vehicle Decals – HOV lane access as a single driver

Charging Your EV

There are three levels of charging and each is useful in different situations.

Charging Levels for an EV

Charging at Home

Unless you have a long commute, try using Level 1 charging at home.

Level 1 Charging – ample for most drivers

  • No-cost option
  • Add 40-50 miles overnight

Level 2 Charging – if you have a long commute and can’t charge at work

  • Hire a licensed electrician to assess the cost
  • Use the Home Charging Advisor to research level 2 charging options

Charging on the Road

Practice Level 3 Fast Charging as soon as you can. Once you know how to charge on the road, your range anxiety will disappear and you’ll enjoy the freedom to go anywhere.

Navigation Apps

Download PlugShare and A Better Routeplanner, free navigation apps that will help you locate nearby charging stations when you’re on the road and help you plan road trips in advance.

Charging Networks

We recommend signing up with these charging networks to make charging on the road easier.

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