Unlock Great Savings on Your Next Electric Vehicle!

Are you considering making the switch to driving electric but worried about the cost? We have a solution for you! Ride and Drive Clean has teamed up with Cartelligent, a California-based new-car buying and leasing service, to deliver substantial discounts on select electric vehicles (EVs) with our EV Discount Campaigns.

What is an EV Discount Campaign?

We understand that cost may be a barrier in the EV-buying process, and we’re here to help you overcome that obstacle. With our partner Cartelligent, we offer discounted pricing on select EVs for a limited time period (typically 4 weeks). The EVs must be purchased through Cartelligent to qualify for the discount.

How Does a Nonprofit Offer Discounts?

Our partner, Cartelligent, periodically secures volume discounts on select EVs. Ride and Drive Clean, an environmental nonprofit dedicated to reducing emissions by promoting electric vehicles, passes on these exclusive discounts to you during our Campaigns.

Are the prices really discounted?

Rest assured, the discounts are real! Feel free to explore your local dealership and compare prices, and be sure that you’re comparing apples to apples (same model, trim, financing options, trade-in deal, taxes included, etc.) when considering their offers.

Accessing the Discounts

Ready to save big on a new EV? Sign up to join our mailing list. Once the discounts are available, we’ll promptly send an email with the details on the models, discount off MSRP, and the timeframe. You’ll want to act quickly as discounts are available for a limited time only, typically 4 weeks, and are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Any Strings Attached?

Absolutely not! This is a golden opportunity arising from volume discounts, and as an organization committed to reducing emissions, we want to help as many people as possible to make the transition to an electric vehicle.

Bay Area and Southern California Opportunity

Our partner Cartelligent has offices in Sausalito, Menlo Park, Walnut Creek and Irvine, California. Any vehicle purchased through Cartelligent, must be picked up at one of these locations.

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At Ride and Drive Clean, we believe EVs are vital to a cleaner future, whether they are for driving, towing, outdoor needs, powering your house when you lose power, driving in the cold, or going on a road trip. We host regular events to keep you informed of the latest vehicles, innovations, and financial incentives, as well as offering an EV Buying and Driving Guide.